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Offset Digital

Offset digital print lapel pins offer the highest design quality available. This type of custom pin is ideal for any logo or design that utilizes gradient colors or photographs. These exact replica prints are printed digitally onto top-rated printing paper and then attached to the face of the pin. A clear, protective epoxy is added for a glossy finish. Offset digital lapel pins are often brightly colored, and the detailed, photographic design options available are limited only by your imagination.


Offset Digital Print Lapel Pin Pricing

  100 200 300 500 750 1000 2000 3000 5000 10000 digitizing
.75" $2.57 $2.03 $1.48 $1.24 $1.13 $1.08 $0.97 $0.81 $0.71 $0.58 $50.00
1.0" $2.63 $2.10 $1.56 $1.28 $1.18 $1.11 $0.99 $0.84 $0.74 $0.63 $55.00
1.25" $2.70 $2.24 $1.67 $1.34 $1.22 $1.14 $1.05 $0.89 $0.79 $0.66 $65.00
1.50" $2.87 $2.44 $1.96 $1.45 $1.32 $1.25 $1.12 $0.96 $0.88 $0.72 $85.00
1.75" $3.19 $2.69 $2.21 $1.72 $1.58 $1.51 $1.41 $1.23 $1.12 $1.02 $100.00
2.0" $3.39 $3.89 $2.41 $1.91 $1.76 $1.70 $1.60 $1.43 $1.31 $1.21 $200.00

Acrylic Cases - $0.30 ea. Printed Cardstock - $0.20 ea. Simulated Gemstone - $0.20 ea.

Custom Offset Digital Print Lapel Pins

Because offset digital lapel pins use printed artwork rather than enamels or paints, every design is detailed and exact. Fine lines, shadows, and gradient colors are no match for this custom pin, and the protective epoxy creates a smooth finish. And since there are no metal borders required to separate enamel colors, you can use the entire surface area of your custom lapel pin for the sake of the design. No colors can bleed or run using offset digital printing, guaranteeing a perfect lapel pin every time.

Custom lapel pins are a perfect promotional product that can raise awareness to a cause; advertise an event or business; support a team; prove membership in a club or organization; or display a message that is inspirational. Pins are worn by people of all ages, and nearly every business or school can find a reason to use an eye-catching offset digital lapel pin that are both casual yet stunning.

Discount Lapel Pin Store offers several ways to attach your custom lapel pin. All pins come with the standard butterfly/rubber clutch because it is requested most often by our customers. But we do offer other options, including cufflinks, safety pin backing, jewelry clutches, and even key chains.

The clear epoxy finish on all of our offset digital pins protects the design from dust or dirt, and because the pin is completely smooth, unlike hard enamel or soft enamel lapel pins, you don't have to worry about catching a loose thread on the pin. Pin sizes range from 3/4 inch to 2 inches, and orders can be as few as 100 or as many as 10,000, meeting the needs for all of your events or members.

Ordering with Discount Lapel Pin Store has never been easier, and we're with you every step of the way. First, request a Free Quote by filling out our request form. Be sure to include you contact information and design instructions, or upload an image to be used in the artwork. Our design team will send you a proof of the newly created artwork within 24 hours of your submitted request. Review your proof, and if needed, revisions will be made. Then, look over your order one more time. If everything is as it should be, then all you need to do is approve you order. Once approved, orders are received within 14 days.